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College & University oriented Training

TOGAF 9.1 Enterprise Architect Course

Paper Code: TOGAF Enterprise Architect
Degree: TOGAF 9.1 Enterprise Architect Course
University: Hackveda, Delhi
TOGAF is a popular framework enabling Enterprise Architecture within an organization. In this course, I'll discuss the TOGAF framework and Enterprise Architecture and then go deeper into how to develop architectures using this framework.

Enterprise architecture is not a synonym for IT architecture. Enterprise is the context in a complete enterprise including all business processes, Information Technology, and infrastructure. For large enterprises, it can also mean a specific area within the enterprise. Examples of enterprises could be a government department, an entire organization, or even a set of organizations with a single owner. Now depending on the situation, the enterprise can also include partners, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders.

A business strategy of an enterprise is built by looking into the future and determining how the business should be operating at some future time. When such a strategy is executed, the entire business is aligned and made ready to operate like that when the time comes. This includes all areas of the businesses. Now the purpose of enterprise architecture is to align and integrate all business processes to support that business strategy. Well, most often used on the IT side to ensure that all IT components are prepared to support the business. This does also include any manual processes that may be present as well. Now it is important to note that enterprise architecture is not exclusively an IT function. Indeed, it can be used for a business transformation though.
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Big Data Course

Paper Code: Big data course
Degree: Big Data Course
University: Hackveda, Hackveda
You have probably heard of big data. But do you know exactly what it is? Or how it can be used to give your organization a competitive advantage. In this course you'll learn about the key characteristics of big data, its benefits, and the types of data it covers. You'll also be introduced to the different ways it can be applied, depending on your market sector. This course also covers some big data security challenges and examines a typical data lifecycle.

Big data - What exactly is it? Think of big data as both internal and external data collected from both traditional and digital sources. It's analyzed to drive improvements in your business - which sometimes leads to unexpected discoveries. Sometimes data is already structured in a certain way, but often it's only partially structured, or not at all think metadata or Twitter tweets. The data's always been around, but today it's processed in the blink of an eye.

You've likely heard people talking about the three V's of big data high volume, high velocity, and wide data variety. What's "big" about data is just how much of it there is the volume. But giant data volumes are nothing new what has changed is the desire to interpret this information.

Training Mode
Classroom Training: Hackveda, H-3/60, III Floor, Sector-18, Rohini, Delhi - 110089
Online Training: Hackveda One2One
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Please note: Hackveda One2One account is provided to help you learn and understand the insight and importance of this course. You can learn all concepts in practical at Hackveda Classroom or Online with Videos and Live Mentor Learn more.

Website Design Bootstrap Course

Paper Code: Website Design Bootstrap Course
Degree: Website Design Bootstrap Course
University: Hackveda, Hackveda
Bootstrap is a collection of tools used for creating web sites and web applications. It contains HTML and CSS-based design templates for topography, forms, buttons, navigation, and other interface components. Twitter Bootstrap allows you towrite a single code base so your web sites and applications will run efficiently across multiple devices.

Training Details
Classroom Training: H-3/60, III Floor, Sector-18, Rohini, Delhi - 110089
Online Training: Hackveda One2One
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Please Note: Free One2One account is provided with course introduction videos to provide you insights of topics covered in course. This may help you decide better and identify your interest in this software skill.

What is Bootstrap?
Twitter Bootstrap is the most popular front-end framework. It is intuitive, well designed, and a powerful mobile first front-endframework.

What do we mean by that?
Once you start with Twitter Bootstrap is, you are ready to develop on any device whether it be mobile,desktop, or tablet, you are ready. The development process will be a lot easier for web developers and designers, for faster and easier deliverablesof web projects. Because with Twitter Bootstrap, you're getting a framework. That framework is made up of a combination of HTML, CSS,JavaScript, with jQuery. Learn more.

Python Machine Learning Course

Paper Code: Python Machine Learning Course
Degree: Python Machine Learning Course
University: Hackveda, Delhi
Trainer Speaks
Hi, In this python machine learning course, I will introduce you to the Anaconda Data Science platform and will also cover how to use Python to read, write, load, and preprocess data. I will cover the usage of the pandas library, machine learning, data visualization, time series, and database access in Python.

Training Venue
Classroom Training: H-3/60, III Floor, Sector-18, Rohini, Delhi - 110089
Online Training: Hackveda One2One

Learning Objective
After completing this topic, you should be able to

Describe elements of data science and datasets with various modeling and prediction relationships. Recognize the various pipelines in data science and the stages of the data science cycle. Define and describe the various libraries and packages for data analysis. Perform the key steps involved in installing Anaconda including all the necessary packages for this course. Describe the various Python containers for data management. Create lists, tuples, and dictionaries with Python to drive data. Use Python list comprehensions to create lists.

Describe the IPython shell and shell commands. Run the Jupyter Notebook and familiarize with the basics of its user interface. Capture Python code output in Jupyter Notebook. Run the Jupyter QT Console and familiarize with the basics of its user interface. Use IPython to perform debugging and error management on Python code. Basic access and usage of the NumPy package in a Python development environment. Describe the various components of NumPy.

Describe ndarray object attributes. Describe the various NumPy array operations applicable to data science. Describe different ways of creating NumPy arrays. Describe how Pandas library may be used to read and write various formats of data. Use Pandas library to read data from a CSV file and write data out to a CSV file.

Use Python's standard JSON package to read JSON data. Use the pandas library to generate and parse date values perform data clean up by handling missing and erroneous data. Download and load a sample dataset into Python from a URL. Load a large dataset as smaller chunks by obtaining an iterator for the dataset.

Recognize the main concepts in data science using Python. Use pandas to describe the basic and common functionalities of pandas for Data Science. Use pandas to describe its primary data structures. Use pandas to describe hierarchical indexing perform basic data query operations on a pandas DataFrame.

Perform aggregation operations on a pandas DataFrame. Perform basic merge operations with pandas DataFrames. Describe the functionality and use of core packages and subpackages in the SciPy stack. Use the scikitlearn library to perform basic data standardization. Use the scikitlearn library to perform basic data normalization. Use the scikitlearn library to perform simple linear regression analysis.

Perform supervised learning by using the scikitlearn. Library to perform optical recognition of handwritten digits. Use the Python matplotlib library to plot and display a simple 2D line plot and set its line properties. Use the Python matplotlib library to create and customize multiple plots in a single figure. Use the Python matplotlib library to create and customize a box plot.

Use the Python matplotlib library to create and display a heat map. Use the Python matplotlib library to place legends and annotations on a 2D line plot. Use pandas to create a scatter plot matrix. Use the Python matplotlib library to create a 3D plot. Create, slice, and resample time series data in Python. Use pandas to create and manipulate Timedeltas in Python.

Identify key concepts in Python data cleansing. Perform data preprocessing and text mining in Python. Use pandas to access a MySQL database. Use the SciPy package to describe the various forms of distribution. Manage other concepts and processes in data science. Learn more.

Linux Tutorial

Paper Code: Linux Tutorial
Degree: Linux Tutorial
University: Hackveda, Hackveda One2One
Linux tutorial provides you a solid introduction to Linux operating system. You will gain essential knowledge to begin using and managing this powerful operating system, which is really important in computing world.

Linux is a clone of Unix operating system, which has been popular in academic and business environments for years. Linux consists of kernel, which is the core control software, and many libraries and utilities that rely on the kernel to provide features with which users interact.

Linux tutorial will let you guys learn the concepts of Ubuntu operating systems at the moment. In future, we are hoping to provide you access to Fedora, RedHat, Suse Linux etc. Learn more.

Jobs oriented Training

IOS Application Developer

Job ID: 100016
Company: MAMSYS, D-41, 1st Floor, D Block, Sector 59, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301
Job responsibility will be to develop mobile applications for e-commerce. Developer should have good skills of core android concepts and UI / UX design. Learn more.

Android Application Developer

Job ID: 100015
Company: MAMSYS, D-41, 1st Floor, D Block, Sector 59, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301
Job responsibility will be to develop mobile applications for e-commerce. Developer should have good skills of core android concepts and UI / UX design. Learn more.

Associate Trainers [Part Time]

Job ID: 100014
Company: Hackveda, Work From Home
Hackveda is interested to associate with part time expert trainers. Hackveda is expanding its online training module named HackvedaOne2One and requires software development and training experts.

Trainers are required to select a course, topic level and submit demonstration videos for review. After review candidates will be invited for a discussion to understand process. Learn more.

IOS Developer

Job ID: 100013
Company: Advait Solutions, Netaji Subhash Place New Delhi- 110034, INDIA
Skills Required
Should have at least 1+ years experience in developing mobile applications for iPhone/iPad.
Should have strong basics in Objective-C/Swift and related IOS Frameworks. Should have a good understanding of Xcode and related tools.
Must have very strong experience with web services, SQLite database, UIkit, Service calls, Pushnotification and XML Parsing/JSON.
Familiar with iOS SDK (UIKit, Cocoa Touch, Core Data, Core Location, etc.). Must have at least 3+ published iPhone applications in the App store. Learn more.

PHP Developer

Job ID: 100012
Company: Advait Solutions, Netaji Subhash Place New Delhi- 110034, INDIA
Developing web solutions using AJAX, PHP, MySQL, Apache. Having good knowledge of Angular.JS or NodeJS is a plus.
Skills Required:
Profecient core PHP 5+
Good understanding of Html, Css, Javascript, Jquery
Hands on experience in any two MVC frameworks from Laravel 5.1, YII 2, ZF2, Cake PHP 3.0, Codeigniter.
Knowledge of MySQL database query, indexing, designing
Website and web page optimization
Review Technical Design Document prepared
Evaluation and integration of third party APIs and components such as cloud server set up, different payment gateways integration, accounting APIs integration, CRM integration etc
Experience in developing API centric web applications
Must be good with programming and analytical skills-Must have strong communication skills. Learn more.


Mobile app development
We design & develop mobile apps & games for android, ios & windows. We offer low cost mobile app development. We also provide web based mobile app development services.We provide free mobile app prototypes. We support you create your own business app in few hours. Best mobile app developers are available for hire. Learn more.

Graphic design
We provide graphic design, web design, motion graphics, brochure design, corporate identity, business card design, poster design, packaging design, company logos, flyer design, letterhead design, brand identity, newsletter design, magazine design, leaflet design, catalogue design, interactive design, postcard design, stationery design, ad design, marketing design, advertisement design, publication design, 3D Design & 3D animation at lowest cost. We provide best graphic designers for hire. Learn more.

Web design
We provide website design, hosting, ecommerce, real estate, medical, restaurant, hotel, dental, responsive, interactive, innovative web design & web marketing.We provide web developers for hire & website maintenance at lowest cost. Our professional website design services are very affordable. Our web design packages starts @ INR 1999/- only. Our web design forum includes 20,000 active professionals. Learn more.

We supply electronic components, parts & kits. We supply products like raspberry pi, omron, surplus, farnell, mouser electronics components. You can purchase relays, switches, photomicrosensors, micro sensors, connectors, basic electronic devices & electronic spares. Our wholesale electronic components office is at Pitampura, New Delhi, where you can buy cheap electronic parts. If you always question yourself, where to buy electronic components ? then we are the best electronics store near you. Learn more.


EMR - an electronic medical records software
We provide an RFID based electronic medical record system for hospitals & diagnostic centres. EMR offers instant card registration & reissue, realtime patient scheduling, Doctor availablity status, maintain patient history, manage diagnosis tests, quick print patient reports, doctor refarral & quick online update support. Download catalog

MWM - Mobile workforce management
We provide a project management software which includes shift planning, scheduling, workforce planning, contact management, field service management, customer service, dispatch, enterprise mobile, business optimization, location tracking, call & sms management, digital signature & web connectivity. Workforce management is available for android, ios & windows. Read more

CRM - Customer relationship management
CRM is a customer relationship management software for pc and mobile. It improves customer & business relationship. CRM is a cloud based software which makes it easy to manage customer calls from any location. Mobile device act as a virtual customer relationship manager. CRM is a sales management software for business. You can manage client database easily & effectively in order to increase sales. CRM can also be used for customer requirement analysis to match demands & increase sales. CRM is available for android, ios & windows. Access CRM Web or Download CRM for Android.