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Oracle Certified Java SE 8 Programmer I

Paper Code: Oracle Certified Java SE 8 Programmer I
Degree: Oracle Certified Java SE 8 Programmer I
University: Hackveda, Delhi | Noida | Online

Exam Title: Java SE 8 Programmer I

Exam Number: 1Z0-808

Format: Multiple Choice

Duration: 150 minutes

Number of Questions: 70

Passing Score: 65%

Validated Against: This exam has been written for the Java SE 8 release.

This Java SE 8 Fundamentals training introduces you to object-oriented programming using the Java language. Through hands-on exercises, you'll begin to build a baseline of knowledge to propel your career in development.

Training and Certification

Mode: Online Live | Classroom Live | On Demand Video


1.) Hackveda Noida - C-25, First Floor, Sector-8, Noida, UP - 201301

2.) Hackveda Rohini - H-3/60, III Floor, Sector-18, Rohini, Delhi - 110089

3.) Hackveda One2One : http://www.hackveda.in/one2one

Learn To:

Use Java programming language constructs to create a Java technology application.Use decision and looping constructs and methods to dictate program flow.Understand basic object oriented concepts such as inheritance, encapsulation, and abstraction.Use and manipulate object references, and to write simple error handling code.Use the new SE 8 java.time and java.time.format packages to format and print the local date and time.Specify a data modification by passing a predicate lambda expression to the Collections class.

Benefits to You:
By enrolling in this course, you'll expand your knowledge of Java SE 8, while building your Java skill set. You'll build a solid basis in the Java programming language upon which to base continued work and training.

Target Audience:

Application Developers

System Administrator

Project Manager


Technical Consultant

Technical Administrator

Team Leader

Web Administrator

Course Objectives:

Write Java code that uses variables, arrays, conditional and loop constructs

Manipulate primitive numeric data and string data using Java operators

Create Java classes and use object references

Access the fields and methods of an object

Manipulate text data using the methods of the String and String

Builder classesUse casting without losing precision or causing errors

Declare, override, and invoke methods

Access and create static fields and methods

Use classes from the java.time and java.time.format packages to format and print the local date and time

Encapsulate a class using access modifiers and overloaded constructors

Define and implement a simple class hierarchy

Demonstrate polymorphism by implementing a Java Interface

Use a Predicate Lambda expression as the argument to a method

Handle a checked exception in a Java application

For Detailed Course speak to our Mentor on 8920629494, 9654825370 and request a Live Online Meeting / Counselling Session via PC / Android / Mac / Office

After the Exam

Within 30 minutes of completing your Oracle Certification exam, you will receive an email from Oracle notifying you that your exam results are available in CertView. If you have previously authenticated your CertView account, simply login and select the option to "See My New Exam Result Now".

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Lets Code Together Machine Learning

Paper Code: Machine Learning Course Open Data Science
Degree: Lets Code Together Machine Learning
University: Hackveda, Delhi | Noida | Online

Lets code together is an initiative by Hackveda to bring technology programmers, community managers, enthusiasts and beginners at a Venue or Online and CODE TOGETHER.

What are we doing on 15th and 16th Sept 2018

Lets code together is an open and free meetup of programmers and beginners at Hackveda Centre and Online on CISCO WebEx. Hackveda and Open Data Science is a community collective of 22,000+ members known firstly for its Top Kagglers. This meetup is for FREE 02 Days followed by 08 Weekend PAID training which includes lots of practice including ASSIGNMENTS, Kaggle Inclass Competitions, Individual Projects and Live Sessions and Video Tutorials.

We focus on a perfect balance between theory and practice and pre-requisites of python and maths are allotted in your Hackveda One2One account in advance.

Whats special about the course ?

Lets code together is an interactive session with student rating to make it fun to participate and motivate to endure till the end
These meetups are Beginner Friendly.
Post meetups you have a dedicated course series to learn with the help of a Big and Alive Community where you will learn from authors of best selling books, competitions, articles.
We prefer Live sessions followed by Video recordings with well documented material available on Medium and Jupyter IDE based code scripts in your Hackveda One2One account.

When will it start ? The next session is scheduled on 15th and 16th September 2018 at Hackveda Delhi: H-3/60, III Floor, Sector-18, Rohini, Delhi - 110089
Hackveda Noida: C-25, Ground Floor, Sector-8, Noida, Uttar Pradesh - 201301
Hackveda Online: CISCO WebEx
You are going to have alot of fun in process and cool experience in the end.

Are You Ready ?
Register Here for Lets Code Together Machine Learning 15th | 16th September 2018

Post registration you will receive an sms / email with account details to login. On login you will be able to access the content for Lets Code Together event in advance. For any clarification speak to us on Talk to Mentor on our website or call +91-9654825370, +91-8920629494 or write us an email on admin@hackveda.in Learn more.

Complete Python Machine Learning Course

Paper Code: Complete Python Machine Learning Course
Degree: Complete Python Machine Learning Course
University: Hackveda, Hackveda Classroom / Hackveda One2One Online

Hackveda has brought to you complete python machine learning course in Classroom and Online on CISCO WEBEX

Duration: 30 Lectures | 60 hours

Fees: INR 16949 /-

Taxes Applicable: GST @ 18% = INR 3050.82/-

Total Fees: INR 20,000/-

Start Date: _________ End Date: ___________

Training Mode: Classroom / WebEx Online Bank Details

Account Name: Devanshu Shukla,

Account Number: 55142333064

Bank Name: State Bank of India,

Branch: Rama Market, Pitampura,

IFS Code: SBIN0050403

PayTM, Google Tez, PhonePe: 9654825370

Taxation Details



Trade Name: HACKVEDA


1.) Hackveda One2One account for each participant which includes:

Pre-Requisite Installation Videos

Lecture Videos

Documented Resources

International Publication Books

Source Codes

Online query support post workshop for 01 year

100% Internship and Placement Opportunities

2.) Assessment test will be conducted and all participants scoring above 50% will get Certificates accredited from ANSI National Accreditation Board


Module 1: More on Regression - 04 Lectures

1.1: Introduction

1.2: Ridge Regression

1.3: Lasso Regression

1.4: Non - Parametric Regression

Module 2: Classification - 05 Lectures


2.1: Linear Classifiers

2.2: Logistic Regression

2.3: Decision Trees

2.4: Random Forest

2.5: Na´ve Bayes

Module 3: Un Supervised Learning - 03 Lectures


3.1: Clustering

3.2: K Means Clustering

3.3: Hierarchical Clustering

Module 4: Text Analysis - 05 Lectures


4.1: Basic Text Processing with Python

4.2: Regular Expression

4.3: Natural Language Processing

4.4: Text Classification

4.5: Topic Modeling

Module 5: Neural Network and Deep Learning - 05 Lectures


5.1: Vectorization

5.2: Neural Network

5.3: Deep Learning

5.4: Deep Learning Architecture

5.5: Deep Learning Framework

Module 6: Recommendation System - 04 Lectures


6.1: Popularity Based Recommender Engines

6.2: Content Based Recommendation Engine

6.3: Classification Based Recommendation Engine

6.4: Collaborative Filtering

Module 7: Time Series Analysis - 04 Lectures


7.1: Date and Time Handling

7.2: Window Functions

7.3: Correlation

7.4: Time Series Forecasting

Get started with a Free Demo Here: https://goo.gl/dE6iRV

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Happy Teachers Day with Yearly Membership

Paper Code: Yearly Membership 2018-19
Degree: Hackveda One2One Yearly Membership
University: Hackveda, Delhi
Hackveda One2One offers you yearly membership to access all available IT Skill courses by Hackveda, Cisco, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Oracle and many more at INR 8000/- only. Get access to 68+ practical hands-on course modules in form of videos, classroom recordings and Live Session with Mentor which are currently available on HackvedaOne2One.

Moreover, you will get access to all new workshops, FDPs and Training programs organized by Hackveda till 01 year from Date of Joining. Solve your course and project related queries with a Live Online Mentor or at Hackveda Rohini Delhi. Perform assessment tests and achieve certifications accredited from American National Accreditation Board. IT Skills courses offered by companies like CISCO, MICROSOFT, Amazon are available to Download Here

Hackveda One2One yearly membership track demand, build and align programs with what employers need, and give students a roadmap to a satisfying career. IT Industry candidate requirements are addressed in the video below

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Whether these 68+ course modules are presented with multiple videos describing complete content or these are total of 68 videos with a single video dedicated to individual topic. I mean whether a student will be able to understand a topic completely out it's mere a introduction.

Answer: 68+ Course Modules include complete 68 certification course topics. Participant will be able to understand each course completely.

68+ Course Modules currently available as Video, Classroom recordings and Live Sessions with Mentor in a practical oriented approach. The recordings are done by Mentors at Hackveda and Skillsoft. Moreover, you will be provided access to videos, contents and resources of all new workshops, FDPs and training organized by Hackveda till 01 Year from Date of Joining.

Hackveda Query Support Live Session Process

Click to View Hackveda One2One Virtual Classroom from Hackveda Rohini to SISTec Bhopal

Get Instant Live Online Support & Classroom support at Hackveda Rohini Centre by Mentors from Hackveda for solving course and project related queries between 10 am - 8.00 pm from Tuesday - Sunday. Queries received before and after these working hours will be received as Messages. Response to these messages will be done within next 24 Working Hours. Around 03-06 dedicated mentors are available for solving queries online. [ Talk to Mentor Support Service working days and hours may vary as per Occasions and Availability of Mentors. In case of variance from assigned Talk to mentor support services hours, Query Sessions can be scheduled by participants with the Mentor as per mutual convenience. ]

Would you like to know how Live Support Sessions for available and new courses are organized by Hackveda One2One in Virtual Classroom

URL: http://www.hackveda.in/one2one
Username: virtualclassroom
Password: abcde

Project development guidance and link to helpful resources will be provided by Mentors from Hackveda, so as to help you develop projects for college, freelance, research and Industry. [ Please note: Mentors are not meant to develop projects for a candidate, they are available to guide and help you sort the problems. Additional development requirements will be charged as per Industrial Standards. ]

Certifications for all courses offered by Hackveda will be provided to each participant who score above 50% marks in assessment tests. IT professional certifications offered by CISCO, MICROSOFT etc. companies are not included in this membership. Acknowledgement certificate by Hackveda on letter head can be provided that you have undergone training for IT professional certification by CISCO, MICROSOFT and other listed Companies. Candidates can undergo multiple attempts till they pass the assessment test. Assessment tests will be conducted online as per the guidelines of Hackveda in multiple choice objective format or live code format or telephonic interview format. Participant has to inform the Mentor for scheduling the test. As per examination schedule from Hackveda, Mentor will provide you dates of examination. Test score and Online Certificates will be released instantly after the examinations are conducted. Printed copies of certificates and internship letters will be charged at INR 250 each. Printed copies can be collected from Hackveda Office or else Hackveda can post the certificates to your postal address as per logistics schedule.

All members are allowed to take part in FREE internships by Hackveda as per assessment, presentation and interview. Internship letters will be provided by Hackveda to each participant who holds the certification for the desired technology.

All Certified Members can Earn Stipend / Salary as per Industrial Standards with Hackveda Freelancer Paid Internship Program. It is divided into two disciplines.

Discipline 1: Talent Development Wing - Participants will support Hackveda core team in development of new course modules as per latest IT trends, Deliver presentation and hands-on demonstration of concepts available on Hackveda One2One in form of group discussions, workshops and training.

Discipline 2: Research Project Development - Participants will support Hackveda core team and Researchers in development of research projects. Preparation of research projects content including: collection of research papers and data, development of codes, recording of video presentations with code explanation and deployment.

Download Contents - 68 course modules which will be credited into your Hackveda One2One account on registration and fee deposit of INR 8000/- only
Download Contents - On demand IT professional certification courses

Register Here for Hackveda One2One yearly membership

After registration confirmation sms or email is received. You can proceed to pay your fees in the following Bank Account:

Bank Details for Paytm to Bank / IMPS / NEFT / RTGS / Cash Deposit / Bheem App

Name: Devanshu Shukla
Account Number: 55142333064
Bank Name: State Bank of India
Branch: Rama Market, Pitampura
IFS Code: SBIN0050403

To Send fees via Phone Pe and Google Tez use the following mobile number: 9654825370

For users who doesn't have digital money mode and stay in Delhi / NCR region.

To help those students doesn't miss the opportunity, we have arranged a cash pickup facility with Bill signed and stamped by Mr. Devanshu Shukla. So if you need us to send an executive to collect your membership fee and make your registration at home, do let us know your confirmation and address.

Register for yearly membership and request an executive visit your home today here: http://hackveda.in/st2016/index.php?course=yearly_membership_from_home

Pickup Facility is available for participants residing in Delhi / NCR region only. Learn more.

Online Machine Learning Course

Paper Code: Online Machine Learning Course
Degree: Online Machine Learning Course
University: Hackveda, Hackveda One2One

Why to Join this course ?

This online course includes a significant amount of machine learning content. Machine learning is the primary topic in this course with added information on deep learning. It is available on demand and you have access to training content 24 x 7 in your Hackveda one2one account. It is an interactive course with a live mentor support. Resources includes videos, books, source codes and project. It is also most reviewed and highest rated on Google.

Important factors for successful learning ?

This course outline the steps required for executing a successful ML project. Techniques and algorithms includes univariate regression, multivariate regression and classification. Preference is given to cover more detail with a hands on project. We assure the participant that there will be no skipping of detail like other course providers.

Please note that courses on ML requires a pre-requisite of atleast one programming language like Python, R or Scala and associated libraries within those languages. This course includes Python fundamentals and explanation of ML libraries like Numpy, Pandas, Sklearn and Matplotlib.

Register and Get a Free Demo

Course details

Venue: HackvedaOne2One Online

Time: Course access and Live mentor is available 24 x 7

Certification: Certified Machine Learning Expert accredited from ANSI National Accreditation Board

Price: INR 1180/-

This course includes 24+ hour of on-demand video, 06+ hour on-demand live online class with trainer, live on-demand technical support while you learn, 10 books on machine learning, 100+ downloadable resources, Full lifetime access, Access on Mobile and TV.

Download Pricing and Syllabus

Tags: #onlinemachinelearning #machinelearning #python

How will you learn more productively ?

We use various techniques and methods to improve learning which includes usage of Jupyter notebook for quick prototyping along with Sublime Text and Atom text editors which provides autocomplete and powerful regex-search and replace capability. We also use a well-designed IDE PyCharm for development. All experimental codes will be kept on Github. You will also learn how to run multiple experiments using Tmux. You will also learn code optimisation techniques to find inefficiencies in your code by using cProfile

Learn more.

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Job Opportunities - Click here for Latest Jobs Opening

Recruitment - Navisite, a Charter Communications Company -- B.Tech CS,IT & ECE,BCA, MCA 2018 Batch

Job ID: 100018
Company: Navisite, A Chater Communications Company, Gurgaon
We are having a walkin for BE, B.tech , BCA and MCA freshers having good coding and networking skills on 30th May , 11.AM , Monday.

Please visit our website www.navisite.com
Location for the interview- Paras Twin Towers, Golf Course Road, Sector 54, Gurgaon

We are looking for -

  • B.E / B.Tech / BCA / MCA candidates or candidates expecting to complete their course in June 2018
  • Must Possess Excellent communication skills
  • nalytical mindset and Good Attitude
  • Desired to embark on a lifelong career
  • Flexible to work in 24*7 shift environment
  • Good Programming / Coding Skills

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IOS Application Developer

Job ID: 100016
Company: MAMSYS, D-41, 1st Floor, D Block, Sector 59, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301
Job responsibility will be to develop mobile applications for e-commerce. Developer should have good skills of core android concepts and UI / UX design. Learn more.

Android Application Developer

Job ID: 100015
Company: MAMSYS, D-41, 1st Floor, D Block, Sector 59, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301
Job responsibility will be to develop mobile applications for e-commerce. Developer should have good skills of core android concepts and UI / UX design. Learn more.

Associate Trainers [Part Time]

Job ID: 100014
Company: Hackveda, Work From Home
Hackveda is interested to associate with part time expert trainers. Hackveda is expanding its online training module named HackvedaOne2One and requires software development and training experts.

Trainers are required to select a course, topic level and submit demonstration videos for review. After review candidates will be invited for a discussion to understand process. Learn more.

IOS Developer

Job ID: 100013
Company: Advait Solutions, Netaji Subhash Place New Delhi- 110034, INDIA
Skills Required
Should have at least 1+ years experience in developing mobile applications for iPhone/iPad.
Should have strong basics in Objective-C/Swift and related IOS Frameworks. Should have a good understanding of Xcode and related tools.
Must have very strong experience with web services, SQLite database, UIkit, Service calls, Pushnotification and XML Parsing/JSON.
Familiar with iOS SDK (UIKit, Cocoa Touch, Core Data, Core Location, etc.). Must have at least 3+ published iPhone applications in the App store. Learn more.


Mobile app development
We design & develop mobile apps & games for android, ios & windows. We offer low cost mobile app development. We also provide web based mobile app development services.We provide free mobile app prototypes. We support you create your own business app in few hours. Best mobile app developers are available for hire. Learn more.

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Web design
We provide website design, hosting, ecommerce, real estate, medical, restaurant, hotel, dental, responsive, interactive, innovative web design & web marketing.We provide web developers for hire & website maintenance at lowest cost. Our professional website design services are very affordable. Our web design packages starts @ INR 1999/- only. Our web design forum includes 20,000 active professionals. Learn more.

We supply electronic components, parts & kits. We supply products like raspberry pi, omron, surplus, farnell, mouser electronics components. You can purchase relays, switches, photomicrosensors, micro sensors, connectors, basic electronic devices & electronic spares. Our wholesale electronic components office is at Pitampura, New Delhi, where you can buy cheap electronic parts. If you always question yourself, where to buy electronic components ? then we are the best electronics store near you. Learn more.


EMR - an electronic medical records software
We provide an RFID based electronic medical record system for hospitals & diagnostic centres. EMR offers instant card registration & reissue, realtime patient scheduling, Doctor availablity status, maintain patient history, manage diagnosis tests, quick print patient reports, doctor refarral & quick online update support. Download catalog

MWM - Mobile workforce management
We provide a project management software which includes shift planning, scheduling, workforce planning, contact management, field service management, customer service, dispatch, enterprise mobile, business optimization, location tracking, call & sms management, digital signature & web connectivity. Workforce management is available for android, ios & windows. Read more

CRM - Customer relationship management
CRM is a customer relationship management software for pc and mobile. It improves customer & business relationship. CRM is a cloud based software which makes it easy to manage customer calls from any location. Mobile device act as a virtual customer relationship manager. CRM is a sales management software for business. You can manage client database easily & effectively in order to increase sales. CRM can also be used for customer requirement analysis to match demands & increase sales. CRM is available for android, ios & windows. Access CRM Web or Download CRM for Android.