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Online Machine Learning Course

Why to Join this course ?

This online course includes a significant amount of machine learning content. Machine learning is the primary topic in this course with added information on deep learning. It is available on demand and you have access to training content 24 x 7 in your Hackveda one2one account. It is an interactive course with a live mentor support. Resources includes videos, books, source codes and project. It is also most reviewed and highest rated on Google.

Important factors for successful learning ?

This course outline the steps required for executing a successful ML project. Techniques and algorithms includes univariate regression, multivariate regression and classification. Preference is given to cover more detail with a hands on project. We assure the participant that there will be no skipping of detail like other course providers.

Please note that courses on ML requires a pre-requisite of atleast one programming language like Python, R or Scala and associated libraries within those languages. This course includes Python fundamentals and explanation of ML libraries like Numpy, Pandas, Sklearn and Matplotlib.

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Course details

Venue: HackvedaOne2One Online

Time: Course access and Live mentor is available 24 x 7

Certification: Certified Machine Learning Expert accredited from ANSI National Accreditation Board

Price: INR 1180/-

This course includes 24+ hour of on-demand video, 06+ hour on-demand live online class with trainer, live on-demand technical support while you learn, 10 books on machine learning, 100+ downloadable resources, Full lifetime access, Access on Mobile and TV.

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Tags: #onlinemachinelearning #machinelearning #python

How will you learn more productively ?

We use various techniques and methods to improve learning which includes usage of Jupyter notebook for quick prototyping along with Sublime Text and Atom text editors which provides autocomplete and powerful regex-search and replace capability. We also use a well-designed IDE PyCharm for development. All experimental codes will be kept on Github. You will also learn how to run multiple experiments using Tmux. You will also learn code optimisation techniques to find inefficiencies in your code by using cProfile

Online Machine Learning Course in Hackveda, Hackveda One2One
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