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Summer Training 2018

Hackveda brings you 100% Hands On Summer Training on Latest IT Skills and Certifications at very low prices. Participants from High School, Intermediate, BCA, B.Tech and MCA can apply.

Training Start Dates
1.) Batch 01 starts: 01st June 2018
2.) Batch 02 starts: 10th June 2018
3.) Batch 03 starts: 18th June 2018

Duration: 06/08 Weeks | Days: Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
Course & Timing Fees Syllabus Register Now
(10 am - 12 pm)
8000 https://goo.gl/rCoMgo https://goo.gl/zskg3n
Software Testing
(12 pm - 01 pm)
7000 https://goo.gl/4aC88q https://goo.gl/hmsHR8
C++ with Challenges
(3 pm - 5 pm)
6000 https://goo.gl/sWpf5s https://goo.gl/Cjo2Jj
Java Core with Challenges
(5 pm - 6.30 pm)
6000 https://goo.gl/N1HfAy https://goo.gl/dcNCPU
Java Core + Advanced
(5 pm - 6.30 pm)
11000 https://goo.gl/tRt9TV https://goo.gl/p6LqgP

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Duration: 06/08 Weeks | Days: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Course & Timings Fees Syllabus Register Now
Ethical Hacking
(10 am - 12 pm)
10000 https://goo.gl/c2hCgW https://goo.gl/rrME1U
Web Development using PHP
(12 pm - 02 pm)
10000 https://goo.gl/xoRC6h https://goo.gl/mQK186
Python Machine Learning
(01 pm - 03 pm)
8000 https://goo.gl/ppM5tL https://goo.gl/2Z7fSb
Internet of Things
(03 pm - 05 pm)
10000 https://goo.gl/454ssc https://goo.gl/thppSF
Cloud Computing with Node & Angular
(3 pm - 5 pm)
8000 https://goo.gl/ebvCnR https://goo.gl/dH2KHW
Python Programming
(5 pm - 07 pm)
7000 https://goo.gl/HQN55p https://goo.gl/MX9HWo
Big Data Analysis with 02 Projects
(05 pm - 07 pm)
10000 https://goo.gl/FqXLaz https://goo.gl/P3RZHy

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Summer Training Mentors
Mr. Devanshu Shukla, Founder, Hackveda with 07+ Years of technical experience delivered in 200+ conferences, FDP and Training conducted and a Senior Member of IEEE, ACM and Principal Indian Coordinators of DEFCON and Center For Internet Security, India

Mr. Yash Sharma, Software Developer, Hackveda with 03+ Years of experience and 40+ Conference / Training conducted. He is also a certified professional from Comptia, Skillsoft and many more. Each session will be supported by Technical Mentors Team headed by Mr. Mukund Singh, Software Developer, Hackveda with 03+ years experience of technical and project development support.

Training Modes
1.) Classroom: Hackveda, H-3/60, III Floor, Sector-18, Rohini, Delhi - 110089
2.) Online: CISCO WebEx with Live Face to Face Mentor
3.) Videos and Resources: Videos of each course and session can be accessed 24x7 on Hackveda One2One

How to Join
1.) Register your name online at Links mentioned in front of courses in the table above.
2.) Deposit your training fee via IMPS / NEFT / PAYTM / Google Tez / Phone Pe or Cash Deposit at Training Centre
3.) Send snapshot / transaction number via Whatsapp to +91-9654825370 or Email us at admin@hackveda.in
4.) Bill will be generated and sent to your Email ID, Hackveda One2One account details will also be sent via sms and email. You can also collect Hackveda One2One account details from training centre.

Bank Details for IMPS / Paytm to Bank / NEFT / ATM - Cash Deposit
Name: Devanshu Shukla
Account Number: 55142333064
Bank Name: State Bank of India
Branch: Rama Market, Pitampura
IFS Code: SBIN0050403

Google Tez / Phone Pe

Pay via PAYTM QR Code

Optional Pre-requisites
Laptop & Charger, 4GB+ Pendrive, Headphones

Training Centres
Hackveda - H-3/60, III Floor, Sector-18, Rohini, Delhi - 110089

Summer Training 2018 in Hackveda, Delhi

Paper Details
Degree: Summer Training 2018
University Name: Hackveda
Location: Delhi
Paper Code: Summer Training 2018
Credits: L : 50, T : 25, P : 25, C : 100
Training Type: Paid

Please note Summer Training 2018 preparation course by Hackveda starts with beginner level concepts and escalates each day to design and implement solutions to complex problems available. All the required Summer Training 2018 tools will be provided by Hackveda, VMDD Technologies within Summer Training 2018 development kit. People who find it difficult to reach our Delhi centre, but are interested to join our Summer Training 2018 course can join training online.

Course contents for Summer Training 2018

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