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Holi 2018 Offer - 04 Year Membership @ 5K only

Golden opportunity to join Hackveda One2One membership till 28 Feb 2022 [ Approx 04 Years from 01 March 2018 ] at INR 5,000/- only. Get access to 68 practical hands-on course modules in form of videos and classroom recordings which are currently available on HackvedaOne2One.

Moreover, you will get access to all new workshops, FDPs and Training programs organized by Hackveda till 28 February 2022. Solve your course and project related queries with a Live Online Mentor. Perform assessment tests and achieve certifications accredited from American National Accreditation Board.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Whether these 68 course modules are presented with multiple videos describing complete content or these are total of 68 videos with a single video dedicated to individual topic. I mean whether a student will be able to understand a topic completely out it's mere a introduction.

Answer: 68 Course Modules include complete 68 certification course topics. Participant will be able to understand each course completely.

Membership Benefits

68+ Course Modules currently available as Video and Classroom recordings in a practical oriented approach. The recordings are done by Mentors at Hackveda and Skillsoft. Moreover, you will be provided access to videos, contents and resources of all new workshops, FDPs and training organized by Hackveda till 28 Feb 2022.

Get Instant Live Online Support by Mentors from Hackveda for solving course and project related queries between 10 am - 8.00 pm from Tuesday - Sunday. Queries received before and after these working hours will be received as Messages. Response to these messages will be done within next 24 Working Hours. Around 03-06 dedicated mentors are available for solving queries online. [ Talk to Mentor Support Service working days and hours may vary as per Occasions and Availability of Mentors. In case of variance from assigned Talk to mentor support services hours, Query Sessions can be scheduled by participants with the Mentor as per mutual convenience. ]

Project development guidance and link to helpful resources will be provided by Mentors from Hackveda, so as to help you develop projects for college, freelance, research and Industry. [ Please note: Mentors are not meant to develop projects for a candidate, they are available to guide and help you sort the problems. Additional development requirements will be charged as per Industrial Standards. ]

Certifications for all courses will be provided to each participant who score above 50% marks in assessment tests. Candidates can undergo multiple attempts till they pass the assessment test. Assessment tests will be conducted online as per the guidelines of Hackveda in multiple choice objective format or live code format or telephonic interview format. Participant has to inform the Mentor for scheduling the test. As per examination schedule from Hackveda, Mentor will provide you dates of examination. Test score and Online Certificates will be released instantly after the examinations are conducted. Printed copies of certificates and internship letters will be charged at INR 250 each. Printed copies can be collected from Hackveda Office or else Hackveda can post the certificates to your postal address as per logistics schedule.

All members are allowed to take part in FREE internships by Hackveda as per assessment, presentation and interview. Internship letters will be provided by Hackveda to each participant who holds the certification for the desired technology.

All Certified Members can Earn Stipend / Salary as per Industrial Standards with Hackveda Freelancer Paid Internship Program. It is divided into two disciplines.

Discipline 1: Talent Development Wing - Participants will support Hackveda core team in development of new course modules as per latest IT trends, Deliver presentation and hands-on demonstration of concepts available on Hackveda One2One in form of group discussions, workshops and training.

Discipline 2: Research Project Development - Participants will support Hackveda core team and Researchers in development of research projects. Preparation of research projects content including: collection of research papers and data, development of codes, recording of video presentations with code explanation and deployment.

Download Contents - 68 course modules which will be credited into your Hackveda One2One account on registration and fee deposit of INR 5,000/- only

Register Here for Yearly Membership - Holi 2018 Offer

After registration confirmation sms or email is received. You can proceed to pay your fees in the following Bank Account:

Bank Details for Paytm to Bank / IMPS / NEFT / RTGS / Cash Deposit / Bheem App

Name: Devanshu Shukla
Account Number: 55142333064
Bank Name: State Bank of India
Branch: Rama Market, Pitampura
IFS Code: SBIN0050403

For users who doesn't have digital money mode and stay in Delhi / NCR region.

To help those students doesn't miss the opportunity, we have arranged a cash pickup facility with Bill signed and stamped by Mr. Devanshu Shukla. So if you need us to send an executive to collect your membership fee and make your registration at home, do let us know your confirmation and address by 5.00 pm till 04 March 2018.

Register for yearly membership and request an executive visit your home today here: http://hackveda.in/st2016/index.php?course=yearly_membership_from_home

Pickup Facility is available for participants residing in Delhi / NCR region only.

Holi 2018 Offer - 04 Year Membership @ 5K only in Hackveda, Delhi

Paper Details
Degree: Holi 2018 Offer - 04 Year Membership @ 5K only
University Name: Hackveda
Location: Delhi
Paper Code: Yearly Membership Holi 2018
Credits: L : 50, T : 25, P : 25, C : 100
Training Type: Paid

Please note Holi 2018 Offer - 04 Year Membership @ 5K only preparation course by Hackveda starts with beginner level concepts and escalates each day to design and implement solutions to complex problems available. All the required Holi 2018 Offer - 04 Year Membership @ 5K only tools will be provided by Hackveda, VMDD Technologies within Holi 2018 Offer - 04 Year Membership @ 5K only development kit. People who find it difficult to reach our Delhi centre, but are interested to join our Holi 2018 Offer - 04 Year Membership @ 5K only course can join training online.

Course contents for Holi 2018 Offer - 04 Year Membership @ 5K only

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